FAILED: Yarn newproject-react-context NOT FOUND

I just updated a few things for my site… But the site fails to build. The site works great on my dev server. This is not the first time I’ve deployed this way but it is the first time it’s failed. Any ideas?

error An unexpected error occurred: “ Request failed “404 Not Found””.

Hi, @acdcsite. Welcome to our community site. :slight_smile:

When I test that URL it is indeed a 404:

$ curl -sv  2>&1 | grep '< HTTP/2'
< HTTP/2 404 

If you make a fresh clone of your repo (in a new/empty directory - not the existing directory) and run yarn install in the fresh clone do you get the same error? (Or does the download of this package successfully instead? )

Also, is the URL used for the yarn install in the clone match the version of the package in your original repo?