Failed to renew SSL certificate/TSL certificate expired

I have my domain purchased through Google Domains, and I have gotten a message that the TLS certificate expired, and that I have multiple A records for my site. I am not sure how to resolve this, and could use help. Thanks!

which domain is this regarding, and which netlify site?

I believe this is right…

primary domain:
default subdomain: - redirects automatically to primary domain (this is the one that says to check DNS configuration)

Let me know if you need more info! I am newer at this :blush:

Hey @kaybee29 and welcome! It’s true, it does look like that domain name is pointing to the Google nameservers they set up automatically for you when you buy a domain from Google Domains. I can tell by doing:
dig in Terminal, which returns	3310	IN	A	3310	IN	A	3310	IN	A	3310	IN	A

Those IP addresses on the right all point to Google instead of us. You’ll want to check out the instructions here under “Use custom domain name servers” for adding our nameservers instead:

The records you need to enter show up when you click the yellow triangle alert in our UI, “Check DNS configuration”

Let us know how that goes and if we can help with anything else!

AH! Thank you SO MUCH!

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