Failed to persist entry: API_ERROR: GitRPC::BadObjectState

When trying to add content via the netlify CMS, particularly for my service-slide collection, I get the following error message:
Failed to persist entry: API_ERROR: GitRPC::BadObjectState

I also get the following error message when I log into the CMS via the /admin route (I can successfully log in, no problems there), and it seems like it may be related:
Failed to load entry: API_ERROR: Invalid object requested. SHA must identify a commit or a tree.

I believe I have my config.yml file set up correctly. I tried searching for this error here in the community but every one I saw was similar but a different error.

This is for

My code is also available on the public repository:

Thank you!

Hi @nrenteria303 and welcome :slight_smile:
Looks like you’re referencing a file instead of a folder here:

You might want to add a format: json to that collection too.

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@erez yes I think that was it, thank you!! I now have some new problems to deal with of course but I’ll start a new topic for that if needed. Thanks again!

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Thanks for following up! Glad we tracked it down :slight_smile: