Failed deploy following changes to tag structure

I need advice to debug deploy

@shahidzain67, are you using the same version of Hugo at Netlify as you are locally?

If you are not sure, you can set the version with the HUGO_VERSION environment variable which is covered in our documentation here.

If there are other questions about this (or setting the Hugo version doesn’t work), please let us know and we’ll be happy to follow-up again.

Hi Luke, cheers for the reply.

Having set the HUGO_VERSION variable the site now deploys. However the tag functionality which is working on the local version is still not working on the published version.

Upon clicking on a tag, in the local version of the site only posts with that tag are shown. In the published site however, all posts all still shown.

Here is the published site:

Any ideas? Cheers for the help

I’m not sure why this is happening.

It appears that there is something different about how hugo at Netlify and hugo locally are performing the build.

Would you please change your build command to hugo version ; hugo at Netlify? This will log which version of Hugo the build image is using (to double check that they match and also confirm the version used).

Also, it might help to know more about the configuration of your tags in the articles and the config.toml. Would you be willing to please provide more details about that as well? Also, what version of ‘hugo’ is being used locally?