Fail to compile reactjs web when i deploy in netlify

when i deploy my reactjs website in netlify i give the message: fail to compile and below is message which i given

please help me

Hi @zangha,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

Could you share the sitename (example for the site you’re having this issue with?

The error: Error: Missing 'key' prop for element in array react/jsx-key, generally indicates a missing key prop for an element inside an array that you are rendering. When you render a list of elements using the map function or similar method, each rendered element should have a unique key prop.

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Thank you for replying me, but can you give me how to fix it cause i’m begginer of reactjs

Sure, as my colleague mentioned we need more insight. Can you share the link to your site? the site name? site ID? any of these details would be helpful