Facebook Open Graph Not Working

Hi, I’m using pre-rendering on Netlify (with React Helmet) and I have branch deploys turned on. My development (staging) branch is hosted at https://development.oddsjam.com/ and my production site is hosted at https://www.oddsjam.com/.

The two sites use the same code but for some reason, Facebook open graph is pulling the correct data from https://development.oddsjam.com/ and the incorrect data from https://www.oddsjam.com/.

I removed the <! DOCTYPE> tag in my index.html file in my React app.

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions for what might be happening?

The prerendering caches content for 24-48 hours. Quoting here:

Our built-in prerendering service will cache prerendered pages for between 24 and 48 hours; this is not adjustable.

My best guess is the original site is showing prerendered content from a previous deploy due to this caching.

If so, it should resolve itself in 48 hours at most. However, if not, please let us know.