Extremely slow delivery of one asset

Instance name frank-landing.netlify.app

At around 3pm Central time we started noticing our site running very slowly. In dev tools, we had one small JS asset that was taking forever. Sometimes it wouldn’t load. Other times it took 7+ seconds. Good internet speed. Users were complaining as well.

Tried to rebuild. Same issue, same asset.

It seemed fishy to me that it was always this one asset going slowly, so I tried to make a trivial change to the asset… renamed a variable, and sent it up to rebuild. Problem was solved. But, I’m very concerned this could happen again. Also very concerned that I have no transparency into what was going on. No server logs or metrics. Any advice would be greatly helpful.

Hey @zekenie, we dug into this a bit and see only one send from us that took over 2 seconds in the past week (today). Our internal logs show fast sends in general for https://getfrank.com/main.9250326b.js : 356 times, we sent that file in under 2 seconds, while the one request today took 2 seconds. It’s hard to say where in the network the problem came after we finished sending the file. Wish I had something more conclusive to share! Please do post again (with x-nf-request-id, possibly from the users who were also experiencing the issue?) if this continues.