Extremely long upload times up to 12h

Extremely long upload times up to 12h
I am working on a project for our school. Since 26.06.2022 my website takes a long time to upload. It is online, but my own domain from Freenom still needs 12h until it works there too. that is far too long and was not like that before.

Hi, @ben2. It would help to get some more details here. Are you saying that upload your content to Netlify is taking 12 hours or that your DNS changes are taking 12 hours?

If it is your DNS changes, that isn’t caused by or control by Netlify. Delays in DNS changes are due to how DNS caching was originally designed by the creators of the internet. We have a support guide about this DNS caching here:

So, please don’t blame us if it is changes to the DNS being delayed. That is just how DNS works and not something Netlify is doing.

Now, if you are talking about uploading your site, I’ve looked at your site and it isn’t large at all. (fewer than 20 files and the largest file is about 1 MB). It should never take 12 hours for that amount of data to upload. If that is happening it almost certainly means the upload failed. You should cancel that upload and try again if it takes more than a minute or two. (Note, if you later decide upload a much larger site or larger version of this site - that could take longer.)

Note, for manual deploys, I always recommend using the CLI tool over using the web UI. The CLI tool will auto-resume broken uploads and it will also only send changed files greatly improving the upload speed. (The detection of changed files is done by the CLI and API exchanging checksums of files before uploading. This ensures only new or changes files are uploaded.)

If there are other questions or if I misunderstood the issue here, please feel free to reply here anytime.

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