External URL no SSL certificate


Netlify URL: https://french-atlas.netlify.app/
External URL: https://atlas-sonore.fhis.ubc.ca/

I am building a web app for a client who is a university professor.

The client wants users to access the app through a university domain.

We created a CNAME record that points https://atlas-sonore.fhis.ubc.ca/ to https://french-atlas.netlify.app/.

Unfortunately, the SSL certificate is only issued for https://french-atlas.netlify.app/, so we cannot access the website thru the external url.

When I try to add https://atlas-sonore.fhis.ubc.ca/ as a custom domain to the Netlify app, I get an error saying:
custom_domain is owned by another account

How do we move forward to install a certificate on the external domain?


Hi @Bebo0,

The domain ubc.ca is registered in another account. For security reasons, we don’t allow the sharing of the domains across accounts. If you wish to add the domain here, we would have to remove it from the other account. We can do that once you add a TXT verification record for the apex domain with the value 60442.

Let us know once it’s done.

Hi @hrishikesh,

Okay. I work for the university owning ubc.ca.

Can you help me understand how I can host my app on the external url, if I can’t add a TXT record to the apex domain? I commissioned that custom url https://atlas-sonore.fhis.ubc.ca/ from the university’s tech support department. They can’t add any TXT records to the apex domain.

We NEED a certificate on the external URL https://atlas-sonore.fhis.ubc.ca/.

bump in case this got buried

hi there @Bebo0 - can you say more about what happens when the university tries to add the txt record? reason i ask is we have created subdomains for ubc.ca in the past, but we haven’t heard that there were issues creating the text record before today.

if you could give us some more information or potentially a screenshot, that’d be helpful! thanks.

Hi @perry

We added a txt record with the value 60442 to fhis.ubc.ca.

Sound good?

hi there @Bebo0 ,

if we go ahead and free up that subdomain for your use, we will have to perform an action that may other sites ubc.ca to be unreachable. we’d like to ensure this is acceptable before we go ahead.

hi @perry yes, that is fine!

hi there, can you check and see if you can use that domain name now, please? let us know if it is still not working!

hi @perry yup I’m able to add it as a custom domain now!

But there seems to be a problem provisioning a Let’s Encrypt cert:

How do we move forward?

Edit: ah I can see I’ll need to add some DNS records and point the url to Netlify’s servers. @perry this process is way too complicated for an organization like my unviersity to handle. It’s not scalable and it’s slow! I can’t be bothered to talk to the university’s tech department to add DNS records, we’ll just use the netlify url…

Edit2: the cert has been installed thanks guys!

Hey there, @Bebo0 :wave:

Thanks for following up and letting us know that the cert has been installed! Please follow up on this thread if any related questions or concerns pop up.

Happy building :rocket: