External domain doesn't reflect latest production deploy

Hi everyone.

My latest production deploy is at Mason Lancaster and reflects all the latest changes from my gitHub. Notice the shorter job and degree titles in the Experience and Education sections

However, my external domain (Mason Lancaster) doesn’t reflect those changes. It reflects a previous deploy (compare the same two Experience and Educations sections).

Another way of describing the same problem: If I click on both of the links in the screenshot below (which theoretically should load the exact same website/deploy), I see two slightly different sites, reflecting two different deployments.

I’ve got automatic/continuous deployment set up, so each time I’ve pushed a change on GitHub, the external URL has reflected all changes — up until now.

The only thing I can imagine might have messed things up is I enabled branch deployed so I could test some changes before deploying to the main branch / production deploy. I noticed that the production build URL then began with “main—” when it didn’t before. I’ve turned off branch deployment, but the Netlify URL still has the “main—” prefix. Not sure if this is part of the problem or how to fix it if so.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I see the same thing regardless of domain



Great! Maybe it just took a little while for some reason. Thanks!