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External DNS Custom domains as subdomains error where apex is on a different account

DNS is managed at GoDaddy

Our coporate website blockdox.com is hosted by Netlify and has it’s own account (team). There is an A record pointing to the IP address and a CNAME for www pointing to the Netlify default subdomain. This works well.

I have three apps under a different account (team) and which I want to host on subdomains under a single Apex domain: blockdox.com

app.blockdox.com which has been active for several years, from before we moved the Apex domain to be hosted by Netlify. There is a CNAME pointing to blockdox.netlify.app and app.blockdox.com is registered in Netlify Custom Domains as the Primary domain. This works well.

I want to use admin.blockdox.com as a custom domain for blockdox-admin.netlify.app noting that this is under a different account to the one that hosts the Apex domain. I added a CNAME for admin.blockdox.com pointing to blockdox-admin.netlify.app.
When I use the form to add a custom domain I get an error " blockdox.com is already registered. If you registered this domain name through a different registrar, select Add domain to begin delegating it to Netlify."

Why does app.blockdox.com work ok but this new custom domain isn’t allowed?

This text is not an error - you simply need to click add domain to proceed.

But there’s another problem with your setup. We don’t allow domains and subdomains to exist across accounts that is, all the subdomains and the domain itself should exist under the same account. But it’s interesting to see that you’ve already managed to connect app subdomain and the apex domain in 2 different teams.

How exactly are you connecting the domain? Are you going into the site settings and clicking on add new domain?

Ah ok I misunderstood “delegating to Netlify” I took to mean moving to Netlify DNS which I hope I don’t need to do. If I click “Add Domain” I get
" Another site is already using this domain
Domains must be unique across Netlify. Currently another site is using this domain. If you don’t know which site, please contact support for guidance."

We set up the subdomain app.blockdox.com first, pointing to blockdox.netlify.app. This has been running for several years.
About 1.5 years ago I set up new Netlify account for our company website because I wanted to use Netlify CMS and identity and team members that wouldn’t need access to our existing app. This site is blockdoxcom.netlify.app which has www.blockdox.com as its primary domain with blockdox.com redirecting to www.blockdox.com and dev.blockdox.com as a domain alias.

So my guess is that because we setup a subdomain first on the first account it continued to work, even though we subsequently set up the apex domain on a different account.
Now when I want to add new subdomains to the old account it won’t let me because the apex domain is on a different account.

Do you have any suggestions for how to resolve this?

@hrishikesh if I transfer blockdox.com (blockdox.netlify.app) into the team with the other apps would that resolve this issue?

Yes, if you move all the sites to a single account, that would fix the issue.

We can temporarily also allow you to configure the domain on another account.

Hi @Marcus_Clements,

I have transferred the site as you requested. Does that work?

Yes works great, thanks