Extend timeout for Netlify functions request

Hi @bo-dun , I have increased your function timeout to the max 26s. Please re-deploy to have this take effect.

Hi @bo-dun :wave:t6: thanks for reaching out! I have increased your function timeout to 26s. You will need to re-deploy your site to see this take effect. (:

Hi @SamO

I see you tagged another user and our functions are still timing out after 10 seconds.

Can you please confirm that this has been updated for this site:


Hi, I checked again, your function timeout is set to 26s. Have you redeployed the site?

Hello! Can the timeouts for these two sites be increased?


Thank you!

Hi @SamO, sorry my bad! I sent the wrong ID!

Can you please update the timeout for this site:

@Benard_Kong , @johanAgri , this is done. Please re-deploy.

Our NextJS/Sanity site has become unusable, can you please increase our timeout as well?
Site ID: b321f0b1-fc59-41d1-b133-7225a1b3ad8f

You’re all set, I’ve increased your timeout. Please redeploy the site for the changes to take effect.

As a side note, with your account level, you can write into us directly at support and receive much faster attention! Thanks!

Thank you! Could your please provide with the contact for enterprise support? I do have a high priority request that I need to some help on.

Hi @devs1,

Hi, the best way to contact us as an Enterprise level customer is to email support@netlify.com from the Netlify login email associated with the Enterprise account (visible at Netlify App).

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Could I please have the timeout for my site increased?

Site ID: a8caaf5d-d8e3-46e0-92f8-eed60d0207d2

Thank you,

Hi, can I have my timeouts increased?

Site ID: a7bf1a11-c1a9-458f-8443-757fd8922636

@IPv5 , @annastrian , this is done. Please re-deploy.