Extend ssl certificate to sub-domains for niramoy-website

Hi, Need to add https SSL certificate to these domains:


site-name: niramoy-website

Hey there, @niramoy :wave:

Welcome to the Netlify Forums! Thanks for reaching out. You will need to change the CNAME record to dev--niramoy-website.netlify.app. Once you have done this, please let us know and we will extend the SSL certificate for you.

Hi @hillary ,

The forementioned CNAME record change has been done. Please extend the SSL certificate as requested.

We also request you to do the same for our other site:
site-name: niramoy-doctor
Needed SSL certificate to extension to dev-partner.niramoy.health

hi there niramoy,

sadly we were unable to issue that cert yet.

If you’d like to access the dev branch for this site via a hostname within nimaroy.health, the only possibility is dev.nimaroy.health with a CNAME record value of dev--nimaroy-website.netlify.app If you require dev-partner.nimaroy.health , you’ll need to deploy a branch called dev-partner successfully first, and you’d need a CNAME with value dev-partner--nimaroy-website.netlify.app


I might have confused the issue in my last reply…

We require SSL certification for our dev branch deploys in two separate netlify sites:

  1. site-name: niramoy-website
    SSL certificate required for: dev.niramoy.health
    This has the CNAME record of dev--niramoy-website.netlify.app

  2. site-name: niramoy-doctor
    SSL certificate required for: dev-partner.niramoy.health
    This has the CNAME record of dev--niramoy-doctor.netlify.app

Both these are associated with two different netlify sites as opposed what you seem to suggest in your last reply.

  1. is possible but has not been done since your DNS is misconfigured. You’ll need to fix this first:
% host dev.nimaroy.health
Host dev.nimaroy.health not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
  1. is not possible since it does not follow our requirements for branch subdomains as Perry has tried to explain in detail - they must match exactly and only this pattern:


for the second site, your primary custom domain is partner.nimaroy.health so we can add dev.partner.nimaroy.health (only), once you have configured DNS appropriately.