Extend SSL certificate to sub-domain

Hi Netlify team,

I followed the instructions found in this guide about “How to use Netlify’s branch deploy feature without Netlify DNS” and now reached step 4:

“4. Contact Netlify Technical Support to get the SSL certificate extended to the new sub-domain.”

I think I’ve done everything correct so far and now want the SSL certificate for


to include the new branch sub-domain


Can you help me out with this?


hi hendrik, we don’t do SSL for a subdomain the way you have indicated:


but we can do staging.hendrikharlichs.de if you’d like.

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Hi perry, thx for getting in touch!

Sure, staging.hendrikharlichs.de would also be sufficient. I am quite new to this and didn’t know for sure the right way to indicate a subdmain! :smiley:

no problem, @hendrikmitk . we have extended that SSL for you!

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Great, works like a charm. Thanks for your support, @perry!