Extend SSL certificate to new sub-domain

Hello support team,

I need the SSL certificate to be extended for our deploy previews:

https://deploy-preview-*.checkout.raphadev.cc/ where * is the Merge Request number in Gitlab (so a wildcard would be appreciated).

Site: rapha-3-commercelayer-checkout/


There’s no such feature to extend the SSL for deploy previews. You might be looking for: Automatic deploy subdomains | Netlify Docs

Hmm okay. I have delegated the DNS for our domain to Netlify, which the docs suggest will automatically generate the correct SSL certificate automatic deploy subdomains. I set up the DNS on Friday, and I’m still seeing SSL errors when I visit https://deploy-preview-*.checkout.raphadev.cc/. Do you know why that might be?

Hi @jess.kane,

For the site rapha-3-commercelayer-checkout, you have the Production domain checkout.rapha.cc, but for the the Automatic Deploy Subdomain, you have checkout.raphadev.cc selected. Did you instead intend to use checkout.rapha.cc?

If you do want to use checkout.raphadev.cc, I think the issue is that checkout.raphadev.cc is not assigned to an account. If you assign checkout.raphadev.cc as a Domain Alias to the site. Does the SSL provision?

Hi @Melvin,

Yeah, I need to use different domains for our staging environment and production environments. Staging (checkout.raphadev.cc) should be used for branch deploys and deploy previews, and production should be used for production branch (checkout.rapha.cc).

I’ve just added checkout.raphadev.cc as a domain alias and that has fixed the issue, but does that mean that checkout.raphadev.cc is now mapped to the production branch as well as branch deploys and deploy previews?


Hi @jess.kane,

Yes, by adding checkout.raphadev.cc as a domain alias, will map the subdomain to that site (rapha-3-commercelayer-checkout).

Which site do you want to have checkout.raphadev.cc assigned to? I think you’ll be able to use checkout.raphadev.cc for site rapha-3-commercelayer-checkout’s Automatic Deploy Subdomains, if you assign the domain checkout.raphadev.cc to another site (doesn’t have to be the rapha-3-commercelayer-checkout site) on your account.

Hi @Melvin ,

Okay great, thanks for your help. I readded the site at organisation level and it seems to have helped. Or perhaps there was sa delay in the certificates being created.