Extend max build time to 30 minutes


Would it be possible to please extend our max build times to 30 minutes ? We have a rather large Gatsby site (we estimate it’d take ~20 minutes each build) and we’d like to test (the build plugins especially) before committing to a Pro or Business account.

Thank you !

hi there, if you have a credit card on file, we can totally bump your build time to 30 mins. Which site is this regarding?


I would also really appreciate extending my projects max build time up to 20-30 mins – the site is apm-map.netlify.app and a credit card is already on the account.

Currently, the site builds well under the limit with cache but making changes on a fresh build need closer to 20 mins. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


hi @Brayca and @jf2978 - we upped your timeouts to 30min each. :muscle:

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