Extend certificate - branch deployments on our own domain


We followed the support guide ([Support Guide] How to use Netlify’s branch deploy feature without Netlify DNS) to have our branch deployments for staging and prerelease environment under own own domain (without using netlify’s DNS)

We have the following entries on our DNS register:

Could you extend and refresh our SSL certificate to cover those subdomains?

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Hey there, @dgrabla!

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I am seeing CNAME for develop.my-x.tignum.com but not for release.my-x.tignum.com. Can you please get this set up first?

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Hello Hillary,

Sorry there was a typo on the message. The branch is prerelease instead of release:


Hi, @dgrabla. There is an inactive Netlify DNS zone here:


This DNS zone must be deleted (or activated). There is more about why and how to so here:

If this DNS zone isn’t deleted or activated, future SSL certificate renewals using our service will fail.

If there are any questions about this, please let us know.


Thank you @luke , I’ve just removed the inactive DNS zone.

Hey there, @dgrabla

It looks like our Support Engineers have been assisting you in the helpdesk. This request should now be completed! If you have any additional questions or concerns, please follow up via the helpdesk in order to streamline communication. Thank you :slight_smile: