Extend 15min max build time to 30min

Hi there, would it please it please be possible to get the build time limit increased to 1.5 hours for the site: confident-morse-2b8787.netlify.app ?

Some Gatsby plugins were changed and the cache needed to be cleared, there are a lot of images to process but after the initial build will be a lot faster.

Sorry for the confusion @hrishikesh
sven-2bxr688 is the account name. Site name is Webiny.

No problem, the build timeout has been bumped for the website.


Hi Can I have the build time for babycat.io (babycat-io) extended to 45 minutes?

Hi there, @jamesmishra :wave: thanks for reaching out. We have completed this for you!

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Hi @hillary Can you extend vibrant-euclid-a1cd82 to 45 min thanks!

@naeluh. It is done! vibrant-euclid-a1cd82 has a 45 minutes build time limit now.


Hi, could you extend our build time limit to 45 min for ecstatic-villani-e4af33 ? :pray:

Hi @rzek,

The time limit has been bumped to 45 mins.

Hi there, @allenw :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! I have gone ahead and bumped out the build timeout limit to 30 minutes. If this still is not enough, we can increase to 45.

Our application is not finishing within the 15m build time due to several SSG pages from external API. Could we have it increased to 30m and see if it can complete?

Site name: bcrf
API ID: bd50001b-8772-475f-88e1-cd981d46f33c


The timeout has been upped to 30 mins.

Thanks for the quick response. Running test build now.

Hi, can we please have our build time upgraded to 30 mins? Our API ID is
66d64f4f-40d3-469d-beff-1a84b8e0e004 and we are on the pro plan

Hi, @adalita. The build time limit has been increased for that site.

Hi, can we please have our build time upgraded to 30 mins? Our API ID is

Hi @Algimantas,

It has been done!

Hi @hrishikesh and Netlify support.
Could you please increase our build time to 30 mins? Our API id is a543b078-37ab-4626-911e-88cf47307359.

The reason is if our commit changes package.json, the build not using our cached npm modules but do a fresh yarn install, and build time increasing

Thank you.

Hi there, @AlexLab :wave:

I have gone ahead and increased your build time limit to 30 mins for your account. Let me know if you have any further questions!

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Hi, can we please have our build time upgraded to 45 mins? Our API ID is