Extend 15min max build time to 30min

Yep! Just bumped you up to a 1 hour build limit.

hiya @tillytillie1 !

I’m not clear that changing your timelimit would help. It looks to me like you are starting a server during our build process which is not how we intend our CI to be used. Can you explain more about the site you are trying to build so we can guide you in improving your use of our build system rather than just giving the current process longer to fail, which wouldn’t serve our purposes well?

Good day admin, I want to increase my build limit to 2hrs

site-id: 2e9914f2-f320-4fb7-a3ae-ced49acb9483

I wont mind to be paying for extra build if it can be extend beyond 2hrs


Hi again Tilly,

Please answer my above question before we adjust your build timeout at all. I need to know more about the website you are building first.

I just dive into web3 and am just testing my account to be listening to incoming transaction on block then notify me via console once any transaction is detected.

This is not how our system is intended to be used, Tilly. Our CI system is intended to build websites, not run servers. See this doc for more information: [Support Guide] Can I run a web server, HTTP listener, and/or database at Netlify?

I think you’ll want to find a different service that intends for you to run servers, such as heroku.

wonderful, thank you

Hi, could you bump the limit to 45 minutes for site id 3aaa0988-04d1-4468-986b-c649e584f9d9, please? Thank you!

@absolute-developers done!


Hi, could you extend the build time limit on my site(site id: ec433035-f6d4-44d7-909f-c01089c3fa46) to 2 hours?


That’s a high build timeout can you explain what you intend to be doing with your site?

I am using the gatsby application and it requires a long build time if there is no cache because it retrieves a lot of image files from wordpress.
When I build with Gatsby Cloud it could take more than 1.5 hours. I would like to have the limit extended to 2 hours just to be safe.

@y.masuda, this is done.

I can confirm that the limit has been extended. Thank you.

Hello could somebody please extend the build time for 9ce98d61-37c8-4b62-9017-86460f251769 to 1 hour.

The reason is that I’m deploying rust code. It only takes a couple of minutes to build but running wasm-opt to optimize it takes a lot longer and I’ve had to reduce the optimization level to stop it timing out.

Thanks so much

Hi, I just increase the build timeout for your site. Please re-deploy to see this take effect.


We are in a similar boat, please can you extend our build time to 2 hours - we are moving from gatsby cloud and images are taking a while.

site id: df0e5a48-d6f7-4ff0-b203-b1972d658f70

@GM_Digital I can see this was already done by someone before I got here :slight_smile: Perhaps you asked in several threads?

Sorry us again, could we increase the build limit to 2.5hrs for this site please - e55b18fa-2c8e-4689-b009-39b5322ebdaf.

Hey there! The max we can do is 2 hours. I hope that helps! You will need to redeploy the site for the changes to take effect. Thanks!