Exit Code 128 - Permissions Issue

Having an issue deploying a build due to not being able to read remote Github repository.
Have deployed this same site from same repository countless times and now having an issue.
Reconfigured the Netlify GitHub app and re-linked the repository to the site, should be no issues with permissions yet still getting this error.

Thanks in advance.

Site id: 05c5142f-d5e1-4d3d-a2b3-708c06029f38
Domain: https://shade-redemption.netlify.app

Hi @znasgo

I noticed that you were able to build the site a few hours after your initial post.

Have you been able to sort it out? What was the issue at the end?

Hope to hear from you!

Yes figured it out, thanks for your response!
I had downloaded an npm package after the previous build and for some reason when I was trying to build it was having a permission issue related to one of those new dependencies. Uninstalled them and tried to build again and it worked fine.

Great! Glad this is all sorted out.

If you need anything else let us know!