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Execution timed out after 15m0s while building

Hi, we are hitting this limit on builds on our site and we would like to overcome it:

Execution timed out after 15m0s

I’ve seen here that you can increase this one to 30 minutes for paying customers like us : https://answers.netlify.com/t/deploy-error-command-did-not-finish-within-the-time-limit/9234/12 , we’re totally fine with paying build minutes (we already did) it’s just our API which is slow and we can’t optimize our build better.

Our site name in Netlify is: stand3d

Thanks for any response!

hi there, thanks for posting.

we’re able to extend the build minute timeout if you add a credit card to your account so that it can be automatically billed should you incur additional build minutes - sounds like you are OK with that though :slight_smile:

Best way to move forward id to add a card, and then let us know here and we’ll pull the levers to extend the build timeout!

Hi Perry, awesome we already have a card on our account :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve verified and have made the change. Can you give your build a try again and let us know how it goes?

Everything alright, thank you!

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Hi @Dennis,

I would like the same change on my account (+ we are currently stuck with our builds, so it’s kind urgent :slight_smile: )



hi @vcanuel, what is the API ID or netlify site name? We’ll verify it & make sure you have a credit card in your file, and then we can activate a longer build time.


Here is my API ID : c20a1de6-521f-4f9d-ba64-0346abffb13d


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Hey Vincent,

I’ve upped it to 30 minutes for you. Hope this helps!

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Hey @Scott,
can you top up my building minutes too please?
APP ID: 022b00b8-d1d6-4e0d-809a-7d3a28169c8a
Credit Card is in file.

hey there, we have bumped you up to 30 min :slight_smile:

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