European IP address for A record

Is it possible to add A record other than that is closer to Europe cause most of people visiting the site are visiting from Europe and that( IP address is in Mountain View, CA, USA so it’s really slow loading website from USA. thanks

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Hi, @PH4NTOMiki, for the apex/root domain, this is the only IP address we recommend.

Some DNS services will allow you to use a CNAME even for the apex/root domain. If possible, try doing that instead.

If that isn’t possible (and the A record is used instead), we also recommend not using the apex/root domain as the primary domain for the site.

If the IP address is used for the apex/root domain, the we recommend making the www (or other) subdomain the primary domain for the site. These subdomains (www or other) will use the CNAME record and will be geographically routed to the closest CDN node when this is done.

If this doesn’t help or if there are other questions, please let us know.

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Thank you @luke I don’t want to use www. subdomain for the site, so I’ve made cdn. subdomain and I load all static files(images, css and js) from cdn. subdomain(which is CNAME record to Netlify) and for the actual site(HTML) I still use apex domain, for me this is great, speed is better and the site stays on the apex domain.

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