Error with Split Testing - second branch returning Internal Server Error

netlify site name: reverent-kilby-275fae

We implemented a functionality to have beta features available to users via split testing (setting the branch name we want to direct the user via the cookie used to perform the split testing based on this post: Netlify pro tip: Using Split Testing to power private beta releases).

Up to yesterday, we had this feature working fine on our staging URL (goodghosting-staging).
Today, when starting the process to deploy it to production, we noted that we’re facing issues with the split testing feature. Our production website reverent-kilby-275fae is configured to have 2 branches (master and privateBetaNetlify).

Builds completed without issues for both branches, but when trying to access the site for the second branch (privateBetaNetlify), we receive an error similar to Internal Server Error - Request ID: 01FYYK4C7RAJEJ6MVMRZ1GJ9SF.

This same error is also happening for example in the website mentioned in the blog post that details how to implement the beta testing using netlify gimme gimme!.

Is there something wrong with the Split Testing functionality on netlify at the moment? If not, how could we fix this issue?

Thank you

Hey @f0d1s7 ,

Thanks for reporting this! Our teams are investigating. In the meantime, please disable split testing until we are able to resolve the issue. We will update you once the fix has been implemented.

Hi again!

We’ve reverted a change that was impacting a small set of customers using traffic splits. You should be able to resume split testing now. Please let us know if you’re still seeing errors.

Yes. It’s working again now. Thank you

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Thanks for coming back and letting us know. Happy building :rocket: