Error with `netlify dev` for no team mebber

Setting up a Netlify user with git hub integration and CLI use.

  • github integration - OK
  • Netlify link - OK
  • Netlify build - OK
  • Netlify dev errors
 »   Error: Failed retrieving addons for site 8ed35390-4938-4eba-8b6d-14d03eddc216: Not Found. Double-check your login
 »   status with 'netlify status' or contact support with details of your error.

I can find no information on ‘addons’

Ah it seems if I make them a team member it works fine.

Is that expected?

They will only use GH integration and local dev so did not expect to make them a full team member

PS netlify --gitRemoteName origin doesn’t work. We tried as the menu option to use origin did not appear. in the end I used --id.

Hi @slim,

Yes, that would be expected behaviour. Netlify CLI uses Netlify API under the hood for a lot of stuff and till the user doesn’t have access to the site, API won’t let them do anything.