Error while retrieving inputs to secure on your page - VGS netlify addon

site name :

I am trying to integrate the vgs addon to my contact form on a website hosted on netlify. i typed the following commands into the terminal

netlify addons:create vgs
netlify addons:auth vgs

when clicking the provided link i get this error:

What does error while retrieving inputs to secure on your page. I read the documentation for netlify integration but i didnt see where it addressed errors just tells you the steps to type to set it up. the form does submit but vgs is not working because the 2nd step is red.

Hi @artsycoder533,

What happens when you add the mentioned attributes to your form’s inputs?

Nothing happens. When I type netlify addons:auth vgs I get the same error on the page when I click the link in the terminal. When I open dev tools on my site it says something about CORS policy and not having access. The iframes show up on my page but you can’t submit the form the cors poliy thing is blocking you giving you an error in the console.

In that case, I think you’d have to contact the add-on developers for support as we don’t know how it works.