Error while building - Netlify is looking for a package, but it's actually my Redux store

9:01:42 PM: ./src/store/index.js

9:01:42 PM: Cannot find module: ‘reducers/locationUrlReducer’. Make sure this package is installed.

9:01:42 PM: You can install this package by running: npm install reducers/locationUrlReducer.

Is the path of the module correct? You also might want to check your Git repo because sometimes the case of the name changes and thus the build fails.

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That’s exactly what happened. I checked my Github repo and the filename wasn’t updated as it was in my text editor. So I had to manually change the filename through Github and commit the changes there. Then I cleared the cache and deployed the site again.

Problem was resolved. Thank you!

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thanks for coming back and letting us know what fixed it!