Error that name is already taken

Hi, I know that this is a frequent question, and I went through other responses but I can’t figure this out.
I already told the people who own the domain to set the Nameservers to: dns<1-4>
However, now when I try to add the domain to my netlify account, I get the error

name is already taken, is conflicting the ownership with other existing zones

I have checked and I don’t have this domain added to any of my other Netlify sites.

My netlify site url is :
Custom domain i’m trying to add:

Any help is appreciated.


The DNS Zone and the site will need to live in the same account, Jon. Our system blocks cross-account usage.

I see the domain as being set up here:

…while the site using the name is in your account here:

We can, with permission from the domain owner, apply the sitename for you to a site in another team. Let me know if I need to get in touch with Clay to confirm your access.

Thanks @fool and sorry for the late reply, just got back from vacation.
I made sure to check if it was linked to any site on both my personal or work account on Netlify, and it wasn’t there. I didn’t know there as a DNS tab.
I removed it and it is now working as expected. Thanks again!

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