Error on deploying Jekyll site with Jekyll-responsive-image plugin

Hello guys, I’m having a Jekyll site with a Jekyll-responsive-image plugin. It works fine with the .jpg image. When I use .webp image I’m having an error on deploying it on Netlify. But it works fine on my local machine ( installed ImageMagick -v6.9 ).

The error I’m getting on netlify
jekyll 3.8.7 | Error: unable to open image /tmp/magick-1781kBlQJG1Tu04i’: No such file or directory @ error/blob.c/OpenBlob/2712`

I’m using
jekyll -v3.8.7
jekyll-responsive-image -v1.5.5
rmagick -v2.16

Please help me with this. What I’m doing wrong or what I have to change?


Hi @Suryavasudevan :wave:t2:

This is probably what you’re facing:



Hi @jonsully Thank you for responding. Now I understand that the ImageMagick version has to be mentioned during Netlify. I’m assuming one way of doing that is by asdf-vm. Unfortunately, It only works on Linux or mac (I’m using windows😢). Is there any other way to do it?

Hm :thinking: I’m not actually sure you can assert control over the ImageMagick version used in the build image at all. I would think those would be pre-set in the image. Can’t say I’ve dug into this one!

Tagging in @perry for further insight here


Hi, @Suryavasudevan, I do believe this is the issue:

If/when the issue is known to be resolved, we’ll close the issue above. That is an open issue and there is no known workaround at this time.