[ERROR LOGS] Recorded errors

Good day! Is there an error log for me to see? Basically, I have this decoupled structure where I use Gatsby for the frontend and the WordPress install was unfortunately down last weekends and we are tracing leads on the contact forms. Do you probably have logs for “console.log” errors or anything?

console.log() logs in client’s browser and if you’re talking about Netlify Fuctions then you can see them in your dashboard for an hour maybe. If you’re talking about server error logs, there are none because there are no server-side scripts that run. HTML, CSS, JS won’t throw any errors in the server’s logs.

Thanks for asking about this, @jejo . I want to be sure what you are asking for so would you please clarify exactly what you need?

If you are asking for a build error log, the build logs you see in the web UI are the only logs available. If you are asking about raw site access logs, those are not available with our service.

​Please let us know if there are other question about this and we will do our best to answer.