Error loading cloudinary as external media library

I’m trying to allow multiple image selection in the Netlify CMS on a Gatsby site. I keep getting this error although it appears I have all of the config files set up correctly:

Error loading the CMS configuration
Config Errors:
Error: Missing external media library ‘cloudinary’. Please use ‘registerMediaLibrary’ to register it.
Check your config.yml file.

Relevant packages in package.json:

    "netlify-cms-app": "^2.15.63",
    "netlify-cms-media-library-cloudinary": "^1.3.10",
    "gatsby-plugin-netlify-cms": "^6.5.0",

Gatsby config:

      resolve: "gatsby-plugin-netlify-cms",
      options: {
        modulePath: `${__dirname}/src/netlifycms/cms.js`,
        manualInit: true,


  name: git-gateway
  repo: user/repo
  branch: main

  name: cloudinary
    cloud_name: xxxxxxxx #real name removed
    api_key: 1111111111111111 #real key removed

media_folder: "images/uploads" # Media files will be stored in the repo under images/uploads

  - name: "item" # Used in routes, e.g., /admin/collections/blog
    label: "item" # Used in the UI
    folder: "content/items" # The path to the folder where the documents are stored
    create: true # Allow users to create new documents in this collection
    slug: "{{slug}}" # Filename template, e.g.,
    fields: # The fields for each document, usually in front matter
      - { label: "Title", name: "title", widget: "string" }
      - { label: "Publish Date", name: "date", widget: "datetime" }
      - {
          label: "Featured Image",
          name: "thumbnail",
          widget: "image",
          allow_multiple: true,
          media_library: { name: cloudinary, output_filename_only: true },
      - { label: "Body", name: "body", widget: "markdown" }


import CMS from "netlify-cms-app";
import cloudinary from "netlify-cms-media-library-cloudinary";


The error occurs regardless of if user is logged in to cloudinary account. I have tried with and without the manualInit setting in the gatsby config and cms.js and tried changing a lot of minor things but I’m having no luck, just continuing to get the aforementioned error when I go to

Any ideas or glaringly obvious omissions on my part?

Thanks for the help!

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