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Error in deployed site

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Hello Guys,

I kept having error after deploying my site kingsleyibe.net on netlify.

Please I need your help on how to resolve this.


Welcome to the forums @Kingsleyibe

In your github repo you have a netlify.toml with a build command et.al which you do not need as your site does not need building (is a HTML, CSS, and JS.)

If you wish to have your site linked to GitHub, remove this netlify.toml file. Also ensure your build command is empty in the Netlify UI and that you have no base directory or publish directory set.

Another simply option is to manually deploy using Drag and drop which is much simpler for pre-built sites.

Thank you coelmay.

This was really helpful. Bug has been fixed.

However, how can I integrate my site with cpanel?

Not quite sure what you mean.

There is no cPanel on Netlify. Sites are deploy to Netlify manually, via GitHub, API, et.al (docs) and are then pushed to a global CDN.


I mean to ask, How do i update changes made to the site content and be able to create emails attached to the domain?

Thank you.

If you want to use your domain for email have a look at [Support Guide] How can I receive emails on my domain?.

As for updating content, you can edit your HTML locally and deploy again, or integrate with something like Netlify CMS.

Thanks, I have been able to set up email.