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Error “DNS verification failed, domain doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify”

UPDATE: I got the SSL certificate, I just had to wait. Thanks to all contributors who tried to help.

UPDATE: Now it is showing DNS verification is successful but still I don’t have a SSL certificate.

My domain settings for www.danceoutofpoverty.org are showing the following error when I’m attempting to verify the DNS configuration for the purposes of generating the Netlify SSL certificate:

**DNS verification failed**
* www.danceoutofpoverty.org doesn't appear to be served by Netlify

I don’t believe this is true. I successfully delegated my DNS to Netlify several days ago. I currently have no A records and the only other relevant records are NETLIFY ones that have been auto-generated:

Name Type Type Value
www.danceoutofpoverty.org 3600 IN NETLIFY
www.danceoutofpoverty.org 3600 IN NETLIFY
www.danceoutofpoverty.org 3600 IN NETLIFYv6
www.danceoutofpoverty.org 3600 IN NETLIFYv6

Can you please help me understand why I’m receiving this error? Happy to provide any additional detail

Hey there, @Vinay_Sharma :wave:

Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Netlify Forums. DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to propagate. You can read more about that in this support guide:

Let us know if this answers your questions!

Thanks, I got the certificate.

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Thanks for letting us know, @Vinay_Sharma!