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Error “DNS verification failed, domain doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify” with load balancer IP used

Hi, I have a new custom domain that seemed to work as expected, however now it is saying the DNS is off, and there’s no SSL coming through after almost 24 hours. SSL works fine on the Netlify link, just not on the custom domain. The custom domain has the new load balancer IP setup as an A record.

All the other domains we have setup using this method work great, and get an SSL quickly.

Netlify link: Netlify App

Custom domain: reviews.businesswebsitesaustralia.com.au/

Any ideas on how to fix?

hi there, i see that is a subdomain. We may need to manually extend the SSL cert to cover it. Does SSL work on the apex, meaning businesswebsitesaustralia.com.au ? if yes, then we can extend it, its a trivial matter. let me know!

Hey Perry! Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
They do have an SSL on the apex, but it’s a different SSL certificate. The sub domain is essentially from our application that gets bolted onto their domain as a sub domain.

Does that answer your question?