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Error: Command build failed with exit code 137

Deployed Link: https://elegant-lewin-6afa21.netlify.app/
Deploy log: Netlify App

Build failed due to a user error: Build script returned non-zero exit code: 2
Creating deploy upload records
Failing build: Failed to build site
Failed during stage 'building site': Build script returned non-zero exit code: 2
Finished processing build request in 14m39.15579759s

Is it happening because of the 15 minutes build time limit?
Please help

Hi @Arijit,

Looks like you’re running out of memory during build. This would mean that either you need to optimise your build to build it in lesser resources, or you’d have to build locally and publish using the CLI.

There’s a third option where you could subscribe to high performance builds and build the website on Netlify.

Hey, I saw a request in which the support team increased the build time of a user upto 30 minutes without any cost.

Is any there any such option to increase the build time upto 30 min by asking for it?

It looks like you disregarded by previous message. Your issue is not because of build timeout. Your build ran out of memory. Build timeout won’t fix it.

And we do increase build timeout without cost for pro and above customers. We do it for starter customers too as long as you have a card on file.

pleased to see your issue, I think i have same problem, MyGiftCardSite i am also confused and need light on it.
please help me.

Thanks hrishikesh, I got you.

Another quick question, is there any way to configure the sequence in which builds are generated. For instance I’ve been working on a PR & push 3 commits one by one. By default, the build of first commit is executed first and other 2 commits are not executed until first is finished due toi awiat mode.

Is there any configuration, in which user can priotize the latest commit by cancelling the previous 2 commits to save time in the case of concurrent build queue.

You could use [skip ci] anywhere in your commit message and Netlify won’t build for that. Would that work for you?

Is there any other solution to this. Since other contributors contributing to the project might not know about this.

Some configuration to automatically handle this will be very helpful in case of projects with large build time.

There’s this another way: How to Ignore Builds - Optimize your Netlify Build Times. Maybe that would work for you?