Error after deploying - Looks like you've followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn't exist on this site

I recently deployed this site -
and I have deployed this manually as It was giving error when I was deploying it through github.
One of the pages, is giving 404 error after deployment. β†’
I have used react, vite and material UI.
This is the github repository of the project -
please help me resolve this.

Hi @shraddha, thanks for the post and welcome to the Netlify Support Forums.
To solve the Page not found 404 problem, kindly create a folder named public in the root of the project and then create a _redirects file in the public folder.
Once you create the create the _redirects file, the content of the _redirects file should be similar to the code below.

/* /index.html 200

Let me know the outcome.


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Thank you so much!
It is working now!

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Hi @shraddha, glad to know it’s working now.