Error 500 on Next.js build in production

Hi everyone!

I am facing the 500 Next.js error on my page when I deploy it.

The code that is breaking the page is:

        <title>{`Resultado Lotofácil ${props.contestNumber} - ${new Date(props.contestDate as string).toLocaleDateString('pt-br')}`}</title>
        <meta name='description' content={`Confira o resultado do concurso da Lotofácil de número ${props.contestNumber} realizado no dia ${new Date(props.contestDate as string).toLocaleDateString('pt-br')}`}></meta>

I have commented the line to make the page work.

Any ideas of what is happening?

hi there, can you tell us what site this is in reference to so we can take a look at the build logs?

The project is: lotoproweb

We do see this error occurring for folks using v13.5.x of Next.js. Any Next.js v13.4 or earlier should work better.

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