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Error: 404 for bundle.js but site is loading properly

My Netlify site

Getting 404 for bundle.js in the browser console

but the site loads properly

Hi @gouthamtj

Welcome to the Netlify community.

The correct URL for bundle.js is
https://modest-johnson-f26295.netlify.app/bundle.js and not https://modest-johnson-f26295.netlify.app/opt/build/repo/build/bundle.js which is where your site is looking for it.

Thanks @coelmay for the response.
Still i dont know how to solve it. because i have given ./build as my public path. why the netlify deployment is adding the build/repo/build ?

hi there, could you share a screenshot of your build settings please?

Hey Thanks @coelmay @perry I resolved the issue by removing the public path from my config file. as it is handled by netlify itself.

You can close this issue

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