Error 401 Two-factor authentication screen

I am not having much luck logging into I connect via the GitHub interface. The screen next wants me to enter the two factor authentication code. I use 1password and when I enter my code I get an error. I then tried my recovery code and I still get an error. Can I get my account reset?
Let me know what I can do. I’ve tried things on the Github end to no avail.

The Helpdesk staff was able to solve my problem outside of these forum.
They were very helpful,

Glad to hear our team could help you with this! thanks for writing back in.

Hello, I’m facing the same situation as you but I can’t contact Netlify technical support, can you tell me how to solve the problem like you did or provide me with a way that I can contact Netlify technical support, any help I’m very grateful

@W1ndys, please don’t post duplicates: Two-factor authentication 401 error

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