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My site geschlechtergerechter.ch is only showing up maybe 1/6 reloads. I set DNS records on my host to point to netlify, and it was working great until today. I haven’t changed anything and there weren’t any redeploys recently, and we haven’t changed anything about the host, so I’m wondering why we’re now down most of the time.
The error is err_connection_refused.
The host points to

Thanks for any help!

HI @Schindler

Welcome to the forums.

You mean to say you are clicking the reload button, or otherwise refreshing the page multiple times?

I was able to load/reload geschlechtergerechter.ch multiple times without issue. The only slow aspect is dev.geschlechtergerechter.ch where media is loaded from. Have you ruled out a computer/network issue on your end (e.g. testing other devices/networks)?

While likely not related the www domain has an A record pointing to the load-balancer IP address instead of a CNAME pointing to the Netlify site the custom domain is connected to as per documentation.