Environment Vars Feature requests / Filter env vars to include in Lambda environment parameter

@hrishikesh any update on your plugin deployment?

Hey @rob,

It was published to the Integrations Hub yesterday:

I noticed the typo in ENV (it’s typed as EV). I’ll let the team know.

Excellent I’ll migrate to it today. Thanks!


@hrishikesh I am only just now getting back to this but unfortunately I am unable to test because the “enable” button on the new plugin does not work. WhenI click enable, it directs me to a page that says I do not have permissions to see that page.

Ah, yes. I do see the issue. I believe this might be related to some recent changes in the UI around this area. I have pinged the devs to take a look.

Thanks. I was able to install it manually and it worked great. Thanks for the work on it!

Actually I take it back @hrishikesh , now that I try it at runtime, I am getting failed references to files named my function .bak.js

/var/runtime/index.mjs Error: Cannot find module ‘/var/task/functions/db-users/events/user.activated.bak.js’

Would be happy to check. Do you mind opening an issue on the repo: Issues · Hrishikesh-K/netlify-plugin-bundle-env · GitHub to not pollute this thread with a tangential debugging case?

Also, if possible, please provide a reproduction :slight_smile:

FYI - I opened another issue with the netlify-plugin-bundle-env because it still has some issues (at least with my repo) causing it to break my builds by modifying the source files incorrectly and causing large chunks of the source code to be be removed producing invalid syntax. I was able to fix my issues going back to the prior netlify-inline-functions-env plugin instead.