Environment variables not showing

Hi, I am trying to understand why environment variables are not showing. A friend set all of this up for me and has handed everything over to me. Whatever they have done is working, but there is a variable I need to update and the page is saying to contact support (see img).

Sitename: escapecollection.netlify.app

Any suggestions are appreciated - i am a noob.

Thank you!

Hey @joshing :wave:t6: , welcome to the forums! We fixed this you should be able to access the environment variables in the UI. Let me know if this isn’t the case.

Hi @SamO , thanks for taking the time to reply. I’m not familiar with Netlify at all, but wouldn’t the UI be the website screengrab I’ve shared? Or is there a different area I should be looking into?


No worries. Yes if you go to exact spot in the screengrab you shared you should be able to view the env variables. You can also access directly here: Netlify App

Thanks for the extra details. Returning to that page I now see the options below to migrate things. This wasn’t there previously. Do I need to do that and is there a risk that may break things and not be able to restore to the previous setup?

For context, all i need to change is one reference that defines a “destination url”.


Hi, Any chance you’ve got some extra insights on whether I should “migrate environment variables” ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Not sure if this helps, but above the screengrab the settings say:

Settings for escapecollection


Deploys from GitHub.

Owned by Escape Collection.

You can choose to migrate or not-migrate. Eventually, the old feature will be deprecated and everyone will automatically be migrated to the new one.

The old feature exists here: Netlify App. You can simply update that as of now.