Enabling SSL on Subdomains

Hello, I too have a subdomain that requires SSL. I understand this is the place go! Can you enable SSL for api.thelandinggroup.com?

Hi @hillary,

I’ve also setup my branch subdomain. My main site is infopathy.netlify.app on my custom domain infopathy.nossdev.com. I enabled branch deploy and branch subdomain develop to use develop.infopathy.nossdev.com. Everything’s working fine now, I can see it going through, the only remaining issue is that the SSL is not extended to it.

I’ve also read from the support post to ask for support here in the forums. I don’t want to post a new topic (an attempt to be more considerate), since I’ve seen people are just responding to this thread, might as well do the same thing.


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Were you saying that the problem is that develop.infopathy.nossdev.com wasn’t being served via ssl? I was just able to navigate to it with https://develop.infopathy.nossdev.com and it seemed to be working. Everything looks good in the UI as well. Perhaps it resolved itself? Are you still seeing an issue?

Hello @elden,

I just checked it again and yeah it’s working fine now. I guess it indeed resolved itself.

For future reference, was it automatically going to extend the SSL to subdomains? And I should just wait next time?


I thought we had to do something as well but when I checked, it was done! I might have missed a memo? :man_shrugging:

Still, glad it’s working now!

As far as I can tell, we are not configured to serve this hostname.

Perhaps you are trying to use a branch subdomain? That does require a successful deploy on a branch called ‘vfte’ which I do not see as ever happening on that site:


If you mean it as a custom domain, you do have to configure us to serve it, for instance here: Netlify App

Thanks for answering @fool - it is a third party hosted forum run on the subdomain and the DNS has a CNAME pointing to their server. In the past with the DNS on cpanel I was using Auto SSL would provision this without problem - can we not do this with Netlify DNS?

Fixed it! Got the 3rd party to provision a new SSL cert and had to add an extra CNAME for the subdomain on the Netlify DNS. Thanks for looking at this @fool .

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Thanks for coming back and letting us know!

Hi hillary
I didn’t got SSL on my subdomain as well. Please can you help?
Domain: internkuy.com
Subdomain: api.internkuy.com

hi @katjee

api.internkuy.com doesn’t seem to be served by us. Are you serving it elsewhere?

oh hi @gualter thanks for your prompt response

it was supposed to be on heroku, so the ssl shld be handled there?

Yes, Netlify’s SSL can only over sites served by Netlify.