Enabling SSL on Subdomains

I own a domain name hosted at a different server “theparrotboss.io”.
I want a subdomain “mint.theparrotboss.io” to use the Netlify app which is at “https://theparrotbossmint.netlify.app”.

I’ve set the CNAME of “mint.theparrotboss.io” to this: “theparrotbossmint.netlify.app”.
But when I try to open “mint.theparrotboss.io”, it gives me SSL error.

Please help me resolve this ASAP.

Hi @mfwd,

Please don’t double-post the exact same issue in the helpdesk as well as the forums. You might think it will help you get an answer faster, but it doesn’t. It just increases the number of issues we’ve to go through which, as you’d expect, slows us down.

About your problem, you’ve not added a custom domain to the site: Netlify App.

Add the domain, wait some time till certificate is provisioned and then reload the site.

I didnt got SSL on my subdomain. Please can anyone help

Hey there, @double-slit :wave:

Can you please share your domain as well as the subdomain you need your cert extended to? Thank you so much!

Hi @hillary ,

My domain is ride.community and subdomain is antwuan.ride.community


@hillary @hrishikesh please can you address this issue on urgent basis as we have planned launch in few hours

Hey there, @double-slit :wave:

We have completed this request for you! Let us know if anything else comes up.

@hillary my subdomain is not opening up now. antwuan.ride.community

I can see in netlify that the deployment is successful but when I try to open it in browser, it doesn’t open

Can we use Netlify for WordPress websites with SSL too? is there any guide that is fully up-to-date maybe?

Kasia’s fotogalerie

You can’t use Netlify to host WordPress, so the point of having Netlify to secure WordPress websites with SSL doesn’t arise.

Hi @hrishikesh !

Can I provide a custom certificate for this scenario to work?
In my case, the site is hosted groovepages which uses a subdomain of the apex domain. I have a specific certificate to include those subdomains.

riff.asia domain for netlify hosted site.
apply.riff.asia domain for groovepages hosted site.
waitlist.riff.asia domain for groovepages hosted site.

You don’t need a custom certificate for sites you host on Netlify. For any sites you don’t host on Netlify, what you do is totally your call. You can add a custom certificate, but you need to add that to your other server - not Netlify. So unless that other server provides this ability, it’s not possible.

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