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Empty args assigned error

Netlify Dev ◈
◈ Injected .env.development file env var: GATSBY_SHOPIFY_STOREFRONT_TOKEN
◈ Empty args assigned, this is an internal Netlify Dev bug

I did netlify dev and got this message. Trying to connect shopify with gatsby so that graphlq will get allshopify etc on the site.
Can’t do it going through gatsby. hope you can help

path: .env.${process.env.NODE_ENV},


module.exports = {

plugins: [




  resolve: 'gatsby-source-filesystem',

  options: {

    name: 'pages',

    path: 'src/pages'




  resolve: 'gatsby-source-shopify',

  options: {

    shopName: 'bumples',

    accessToken: process.env.GATSBY_SHOPIFY_STOREFRONT_TOKEN,

    includeCollections: ["juvenile fiction"],




export default () => (


Thanks Jen.

Hey @bumples,
What you shared looks like a Gatsby config, which we can’t really help with, but some other Netlify Dev users ran into the same error here: https://github.com/netlify/cli/issues/1292

The workaround there was to wrap your Gatsby build command into a yarn/npm command in the package.json. Want to give that a try and see if it fixes the error?