Emails not being sent from form trigger

Hey. I’ve recently set up a contact form on https//

I have set up email triggers, however one of the emails, on the domain is not receiving the emails. They are on 365, and the emails aren’t in junk etc. I’ve set one up to me at Gmail, and it seems to arrive fine.

Let me know if you need the full email to investigate. Just keen to get the email trigger sending successfully.

Thank you in advance!

Hi, @somedevsdo. For that form I do see the two email addresses configured to be emailed form notifications.

The Gmail email address received two notifications on 2022-04-19. The received three notification, the same two the Gmail receive plus an earlier one above five and a half hours before the other two.

The email confirmation comes from the receiving email service. If the emails are not in the email address inbox, we recommend contacting the technical support for that email service to find out what happened to them.

If there are other questions, please let us know.

Hi Luke. Thanks for this and thanks for looking into it your end. For some reason Windows Defender had quarantined the 3 emails without any notice. Seems strange. I’ve released them and marked them as safe to Microsoft. Fingers crossed that sorts it!

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Thanks for confirming-- should you have future questions, please do not hesitate to follow up here.