Emails lost while using Netlify Dns

Hi there,

So, I bought my domain from go daddy, and connected it to wix, now idk if someone moved everything or fix did it itself, but all my email dns and stuff was moved to wix, and my name server on go daddy pointed towards wix. then I hosted my website on Netlify and changed the name server from Wix to Netlify. Now during that emails had no where to go. So the problems is i wasn’t receiving emails from info@ but when I tried emailing, it didn’t gimme a failed status but I didn’t receive those emails. now since Netlify was connect I believe it might be somewhere here.

Those are my business emails, so I really need to get them back, please tell me if there’s a way to do that.
thank you.

:wave: @knvgpt ,

It sounds like you haven’t moved the MX record to Netlify. This is our docs on adding a DNS record: DNS records | Netlify Docs

Hope this helps and keep us posted!