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Email Subscriptions for free users?

Hello, I have just recently finished setting up the netlfiy forms for my webpage and am wondering do you offer any solutions for email subscription signups as well?

Hi @silkRoadKodie,

No we do not. You could collect email addresses using Netlify Forms and use an external service to send emails to those addresses.

Ok, Im assuming that would be a service like MailChimp? Do you know of any free services that can help me to accomplish this?

Hi @silkRoadKodie,

That would be up to you to find out. I don’t think any of the services is going to give you free, unlimited sends as that would be an easy target for spammers. But, you can get a few free emails in a lot of services. You need to decide which one you prefer using based on your workflow, ease of use and pricing in case you have to upgrade.

Hi. I use MailChimp and they have a free plan, but it’s not enough for a large mailing list. Therefore use a paid subscription.