Email Service in Netlify

I came to know that Netlify does not support email service in a free hosting plan. Please guide me to set up the email service for Google if possible in any other way.

@vishnuu Welcome to the Netlify community.

There are two ways to use Gmail with a site on Netlify.

The first is to use your Gmail e-mail address (such as, as the contact address.

The second is to use Gmail using a custom domain name (such as To do this, you must set up Gmail to recognize that you want it to handle the e-mail from Once you do that, Gmail will provide you with the information to make five DNS entries to direct e-mail to Google. You make these entries at whichever is handling the DNS for your site, whether it’s your registrar (such as GoDaddy) or through Netlify’s DNS. It works either way, but you must have a custom domain name and have everything set up with Google first.

You can find more information here:

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I wanted to receive emails from the website to my email address using a PHP script. Is this possible on Netlify?

Nope. You have to use JavaScript or a Netlify form.

hi @vishnuu, Netlify does not support PHP in the way other services do.

Here is a good summary of what you can and can not do on Netlify you might find helpful: