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Editing using CMS doesn't work as expected!

Here is my code:

That’s the current Dashboard I’m getting with code above:

What am I doing wrong here? I wanna be able to edit the title and text.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Nevzat-dev,

  - name: "home"
    label: "Home"
    folder: "../../src/Content"

folder needs to be relative to root of repo not root of config file. Could you try changing that?

For editing non-repeatable data in a single json file, you probably want to use a file collection as well:

You have to let the CMS know you’re using json if you’re using a folder collection. Markdown is the default value.


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Thanks. It works now.

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I am glad everything is working now, @Nevzat-dev. @tomrutgers, thanks for the awesome insight heres. We are grateful for your expertise :netliconfetti: