Edge Functions Failing Again

Edge functions are failing again, as they do all the time now. Your Netlify Status is bogus. This is same failure as on Dec 13, 2022. The Edge Network has been down for well over 30 minutes already , but nobody at Netlify is aware of this?


What does it take to get an answer from Netlify? How does your status still show operational? Your network has been down for 2 hours!

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Their own edge function docs are down, due to edge functions…

That’s funny. But yet “All systems operational.”

Hello folks,

My apologies I did not see this thread earlier-- I have passed along all of your feedback and we have an engineering team investigating as we speak. I will follow up here when I have more information.

In order to streamline conversation, I am going to close this thread and we can continue sharing updates here: Site going down every 10 minutes - #39 by daniel.hedrick

Thank you for your patience!